Sunday, May 3, 2009


I'm following the leads of Dr. Eades and Jimmy Moore on to Twitter. It's hard to find time to blog with my new job, and I wind up with stacks of links I want to talk about. Twitter seems like a good solution to at least push information I find interesting (and perhaps more often, incredibly dumb).


Rich said...

Hey, Dave

Great blog.

Can't blame you for twittering. It's more covenient.

Yet I, being a total throwback, won't read Twitter for two reasons.

First, space is limited. I actually like the depth a personal blog like yours offers.

Next is a question of the english language. Twitter, Facebook, etc. tends to abbreviate or otherwise mutilate words and punctuation.

Give me substance. Give me grammer. I'm selfish and want to be properly fed.


Anonymous said...

I so agree! I really miss the blog.

Dave said...

Thanks. I miss the blog as well. Busy busy lately. In fact, about the only free time I seem to have now is when I'm commuting. If only the computer could read my mind while I'm driving . . . :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I don't tweet. I miss your blog posts.

Anonymous said...


The amount of information you have compiled is amazing. I created a Twitter account to follow your spoutings. And I am going to put Taubes book next in line on my reading list (I will also have to get or rent the Fat-Head movie).


Dave said...

Hey Parker. Thanks! Working on an actual blog post, hopefully it will be up soon.

Unknown said...

Hello Dave,
I don't know if you've found my blog (or book) yet, but I am an internist and obesity doc who blogs about weight loss and maintenance at I loved your insulin article. Experience of 20 years tells me that insulin is by FAR the most important player in the weight control drama. My belief is that the solution is to modulate insulin by returning to an ancient-style diet (but any low carb diet will probably work). Hope you'll check us out and love to talk to you sometime about what we actually experience with hundreds and hundreds of patients in practice.
Barbara Berkeley, MD